Puerto Rico Photo Gallery

It was a Sunday when Robby and I hatched an idea to escape the snow of Vermont for warmer climates for a week. Monday night we booked some Airbnbs and then on Tuesday we flew down to Puerto Rico with two of our friends, Ryan and Cam. What follows is a photo account of that [...]

New Season, New Webisodes

Hi All, It has been a crazy few months, but a good few months. I traveled to Australia, New Zealand, and Chile. I skied many, many turns. Took an exorbitant amount of footage, made a lot of edits, wrote some articles, and generally have been very busy, but very happy. I have some deeper thinking [...]


Been fun ripping around Canada and the US! Nationals GS race tomorrow. I start bib #28! Here we go! Check out some pictures of my travels over the past few days. I truly am lucky to lead the life that I live. Much love, Tucker