Puerto Rico Photo Gallery

It was a Sunday when Robby and I hatched an idea to escape the snow of Vermont for warmer climates for a week. Monday night we booked some Airbnbs and then on Tuesday we flew down to Puerto Rico with two of our friends, Ryan and Cam.

What follows is a photo account of that trip. The video blog is currently being worked on and will hopefully be up by Monday. Its pretty awesome.



New Season, New Webisodes

Hi All,

It has been a crazy few months, but a good few months. I traveled to Australia, New Zealand, and Chile. I skied many, many turns. Took an exorbitant amount of footage, made a lot of edits, wrote some articles, and generally have been very busy, but very happy.

I have some deeper thinking blogs in the queue so for now lets keep it simple and light. Here is what you will find below…

-Episodes one and two of season six chronicling the last two months of my life.

-Technical videos of my skiing.

-Episode four of Why I Love Vermont

-Video of my runs at the World Pro Ski Tour last winter.

-A link to an article describing my upbringing in a skiing legacy family.

-Pictures of my travels.

Enjoy the journey friends!



Growing Up Marshall



Been fun ripping around Canada and the US! Nationals GS race tomorrow. I start bib #28! Here we go! Check out some pictures of my travels over the past few days. I truly am lucky to lead the life that I live.

Much love,