About Me

Name: Tucker Marshall
Home program: Green Mountain Valley School
Age: 22

Career Highlights:
-First race of the season last year ended with the first victory of the season. It was a really awesome way to get psyched for the rest of the year.
Sadly skiing is not always consistent and hard times followed. The strife in this sport is necessary though if you want to learn and better yourself. The best thing to do is keep your head up and rip like you know how.
It took long enough but I gladly collected the best results of my career last spring setting me up for an awesome start for the next season.

First on-snow memory:
-Lets see. It’s hard to remember a singular day since my brothers, sister, and I were all skiing pretty much before we could walk. Which is normal to us considering my mom gave birth to my brother Cody and was out on the slopes the next day. (Cody being watched over in the lodge by some locals. Naturally.)
I guess when it comes down to it a memory does stick out. My mom, sister, and I went up to the mountain to make a few turns. While booting up, I realized I had forgotten my liners at home, having taken them out during the night to dry. All I had were my shells. My mom’s advice? “Buckle them down tight and let’s go!”
Okay mom. I spent the next couple hours ripping around in the loosest fitting boots I have ever skied in. Contrary to popular belief, I thought the bigger boot was a nuisance and I’ll take a tight race boot any day.

Favorite place to compete and why:
-I grew up in Vermont and went to elementary school in Killington. Everyday after school my mom would take me skiing from 3-4PM before lift service closed. It was Killington where I learned the love of this sport and Killington I go whenever I want to ski when I am not traveling the world. It’s a place I go to unwind and truly have fun. Now, imagine when I get the opportunity to race at Killington! It’s like a whole cosmic event of awesomeness and I am always smiling when I am out there. So, I would say it is hands down my favorite place to compete… or ski for that matter.

What you love most about your sport:
-There is so much I love about this sport. I mean without love I certainly wouldn’t have gotten as far as I have. Skiing has so much to offer, whether it’s getting out there on the slopes to rip a few arcs and clear your head. Or meeting up with friends and having an awesome time.
What strikes me most about the skiing world is how it is such a close-knit community. You could be at some obscure mountain in the European Alps. You would think that you would be alone but that’s so far from the truth. You show up on the hill, and you see friends, from all over the world. Coming together in this one place to be part of this shared passion that is alpine ski racing. It’s just really incredible.

Words of wisdom:
-So many people in this world are worried about their standing in life. Many believe that if they do not acquire wealth than they will be unhappy. People everyday give up on dreams in lieu of what is more socially accepted.
I am not saying society is wrong, I am merely saying there is always more than one path open to you. And that, given the choice, you should always follow your heart because that is what is truly great, and there you will find the most wealth.

When I’m not skiing I really love to:
-Huh… when I am not skiing. That’s a toughie, but I’ll give it a go.
Being raised in a family of super skiers I have always been an athlete, and as an athlete, always competitive and also looking for that next adrenaline rush. Since snow turns to water in summer, naturally I joined the local swim team. I have swam competitively every summer for the past decade and a half… and then I suppose add a couple years onto that too. It was always such a great outlet for me because it gave me something else to be competitive in other than ski racing. Jumping in the water at the first practice of the year was always something akin to taking the first few turns of the season. In your own little world of bliss.
Unfortunately, the age limit for the swim league I was a part of was 19. So since then I have been trying to find a new vice for my competitive nature. I’ve run a couple marathons and even jumped out of a plane just trying to get my fix but in the end, I always come back to ski racing. Always come back to the people I love, and the sport that is a part of me.

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  1. Tucker,

    I don’t see a contact anywhere on here and I’d like to email you for an upcoming article I’m writing. Please email me in the address I’ve attached to the form. Thanks

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