Old School

“Your wealth is where your friends are.”

Looking back on these videos I come to realize how truly wealthy I have been in my life. Friends, you will last a life time in my memories and I thank you for the spectacular times. We all thought we were so cool back then… looking at these videos I can see how absolutely right we were!

A tribute to my first edits, and to my great friends who taught me, to just be me.

“The Journey” was the first film series I made with the original “Best Ever” (pictured above) coached by Martin Guyer and Brandon Dyksterhouse. We were quite the crack squad.

“Ballin X” is just a classic. You can see how we are still way up there on the awesome scale… Staring Jazzy Jeff and Andy Mac

This is still one of my favorites. Just seshing it out in Chile

And finally, my last edit in 09′ before taking a break and launching this blog

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