February Video

Well another month has past and another video has been released! You can view it below.

I have been focusing mostly on College races this month and have been getting some good results. Last weekend brought me to Sunday River for the Bates Carnival where I scored my best race in 3 seasons! Feels good to get into the teens again and I am looking forward to continuing that momentum into this next month of racing. I will be competing in Eastern Cups as well as the reboot of the World Pro Ski Tour!!! The pot will be 30k with 10k going to the winner so I am pretty excited to see what I can bring to the table.

After that I will be heading up to Canada for Nor-Am finals which are followed up the next weekend by US Nationals and quickly after that Spring Series start! It is crazy we are nearing the end of the season already! Wish me luck!


January Video

Hey everyone!

Well I am currently sitting in the Boston airport waiting for a plane to take me away to Colorado where I will be attending the third set of slalom Nor-Am races this season. The first two have been met with some difficulty but after a strong January I am looking forward to preforming well at Vail.

Check out this video of the Rednecks from late January and I’ll be sure to post another one after this trip.

Stay classy,


Killington World Cup

I can not begin to describe just how much the World Cup at Killington meant to me and how much fun I had during it. I averaged two and a half hours of sleep a night and everywhere in between was non-stop action but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Killington was brought under the spotlight by FIS and in my opinion they excelled. The countless volunteers were absolutely amazing in preparing the venue and always had an enthusiastic smile on their faces. It was such an incredible feeling to be walking through the crowd on the way up for my run while being greeted by friends that I have grown up with. Friends that I have ducked ropes and skied out of bounds with. Friends that played a large part of where I am today and it seemed… right that they were all there.

I know, I know. I wasn’t racing or anything but guys, come on. There was a World Cup held on the single trail that I have skied countless times every year since before I can remember! Do you recall season 5, episode 1 of two year old Tuck ripping down bumps with no poles? Yup, that was Superstar.

At one point during the weekend a KMS coach looked over to me and said, “Tucker, we’re having a freaking World Cup on Superstar!” I know I wasn’t the only one to feel immense pride in what my home mountain had accomplished. Bravo to all that were involved. I sincerely hope we get to do it again.

Now, I had a big plan set out in my head of how I would post video updates everyday and what film I would take but in the end I didn’t actually end up getting that much. I was too wrapped up in what I was doing and also insanely busy. But I guess that is of how it should be. Living in the moment without anything extra.

I did get a few shots of course, not to mention my GoPro course preview, so please, please check it out.

Thank you to everyone involved that made this weekend possible. You truly are the real heroes.