A Return

Over the last few years this blog has taken a turn for something different but recently I find myself wishing for the ramblings of someone I used to be. Someone who had an idea to express and a need to share it. I don’t mean to say I have completely run out of ideas, but those thoughts have taken the form of videos and pictures. And once you have stopped taking pen to paper it is easy to get out of practice.

I will admit that possibly my idealism of a younger self has given way to the wisdom of late twenties and realizing that all that knowing was not really knowing. I started this blog because I wanted to reach out to those who might find these words akin to their own journey. And with that understanding know that when the rough patches arrived, they too would find their way through. With this not knowing however I wondered if my words would, or even should have an impact. After all, what do I know?

Maybe not much. But then again this is my blog, and you’re here reading these words. So I am going to start writing again and it’s possible that one day we’ll stumble on something meaningful.