The Worst Best Race

In my childhood room hidden away in the closet rests a large piece of stationary. Surrounded by disused clothes, old plaques and ribbons, it demands the attention of the small space, a center-piece from an important memory long ago. Some of the names have faded from time but mine still stands out at the top [...]

A Return

Over the last few years this blog has taken a turn for something different but recently I find myself wishing for the ramblings of someone I used to be. Someone who had an idea to express and a need to share it. I don't mean to say I have completely run out of ideas, but [...]


Hey guys, Head to the website to get up to date on the video blog. Right now I am spending my last couple days in Colorado before heading up to Panorama for the very first NorAm races of the season. I have always liked the slalom hill up there where most of my top results [...]