A Return

Over the last few years this blog has taken a turn for something different but recently I find myself wishing for the ramblings of someone I used to be. Someone who had an idea to express and a need to share it. I don't mean to say I have completely run out of ideas, but [...]

Get Your TM.COM Tanks!

Really psyched to introduce the tuckermarshall.com tank tops! If anyone is interested please let me know by leaving a comment, emailing me, calling or texting me, messaging me on Facebook, or sending smoke signals. I have a limited quantity so first come first serve. They are $20 a piece and if you live far away [...]


Lutsen, you are one magical place. You take kids starting in the 50s, and 60s, let them kick my ass (bib 3) out of flip, (31st), and have them score some of the best races of their lives. I wish I could say I wasn’t trying, but in truth, I brought the focus and intensity [...]

Today at Vail…

I was fourth second run today at the NorAms in Vail. Wow! Feels great to get a good run in. Its one thing to know you can ski fast, but its a completely other thing to prove that you are. To others, and especially to yourself. After finishing 40th first run today I was obviously [...]