Disco Feet

Well, its been a crazy few weeks. Since I drove out west a month ago I've been a snowmaker, athlete (first and foremost of course!), filmmaker, and have also been becoming quite proficient in gypsy life, couch surfing pretty much night to night for a while now. It's certainly exciting, never really knowing where you [...]

New in News

Well, another year of my life passes and I'd like to say I am all the wiser for it. Have I learned things  this past year? I'd like to think so but if not, oh well. I (hopefully) have many and more years to learn and live. The greatest ambition of my life is to [...]

Spartan Reminiscence

Someone came up to me today and told me they heard that I was doing the Spartan race again this year. Well, I have no such intentions, but then again, neither did I last fall. What follows is a summery of my Spartan experience last year. This is an email I wrote to one of [...]

Mt. Hood, Here I Come!

Well, its about that time again that I hit the ski hill! I am sitting in the airport right now, waiting for a flight to Portland, Oregon. Summer is the time for me where I try and support my skiing by working my a** off and raising the funds I need for the following season. So [...]