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Well, another year of my life passes and I’d like to say I am all the wiser for it. Have I learned things  this past year? I’d like to think so but if not, oh well. I (hopefully) have many and more years to learn and live. The greatest ambition of my life is to be happy. After all, there is no path to happiness. Happiness is the path. Or so says Buddha at least. I believe that I have a pretty firm grasp on that so far.

I have enjoyed my summer, but as school starts up again and the weather starts to cool I feel a stirring in my stomach that is the desire for winter. This past week I have been calling on my reps and gathering all the equipment I will need for the 2013-14 season.

An important necessity for the ski season is high performance race wax.

That being said, I am very proud to announce that I have joined with HWK Ski Wax for the 13-14 season! HWK is a company that is largely based out of Europe, and they are just starting to branch out to the USA. Every hundredth counts out on the race hill, and I am confident that their product will ensure my skis are moving as fast as they can. Also a major plus is the “HWK Waxing Guide” which is an iPhone app that helps you pick the right wax for race day. Its pretty incredible, and highly useful for someone like me who doesn’t ever have any clue what to put on my bases. Thanks HWK!

Wax may seem like a small thing, but its all about getting your pieces (resources/life) together and lining them up. If you do it right, something spectacular might just happen. Speaking of getting your sh** together…

Its about time I push this career of mine onto the next level. It should have happened years ago, lets be honest. My coaches in the past (to put it bluntly) have all been disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, they think I am an amazing skier, but on race day I haven’t been getting it done. It’s alright, I’ve accepted this. It’s all part of my 12 step program.

About a month ago I ran into Barbara Ann Cochran, a gold medalist from the 72′ Olympic games in Japan, who truthfully I know better as Ryan Cochran-Siegles mom. What I didn’t know however is that Barbara Ann is an accomplished sports consultant. After two minutes of explaining what she does (helping athletes achieve their peak performance mental state) I amicably said, “Well it sounds like I could use some of your help!” Since then I have been having weekly sessions, and I am extremely excited by what I am learning. With her help, I truly believe that I can accomplish new heights in my career, and I am looking forward to applying what I have learned to this season. Thank you Barbara!

The pieces are starting to come together..

I’ve added a couple new sections to my blog. On the right side you will see an Alpine Press logo with all of the articles I’ve written for them listed below. There is also a drop down tab at the top of the page. Go ahead and check those out if you are interested.

Also new to the drop down tab is “Live Streaming!” Which is exactly what it sounds like. At predetermined times throughout the year I’ll take you up on the hill with me, and you can live chat with me while I inspect a very icy course.

And as always, please check out my sponsors on the right side of the page and click on the links for some really cool gear. I couldn’t do what I do without their amazing support.

Until next time friends,


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  1. Hi Tucker,
    a sports psychologist is as important as a good ski coach, ESPECIALLY for you who trains better than races.
    Make it happen, and good luck
    my new emails:

    I disconnected my email account at gmvs.

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