The Worst Best Race

In my childhood room hidden away in the closet rests a large piece of stationary. Surrounded by disused clothes, old plaques and ribbons, it demands the attention of the small space, a center-piece from an important memory long ago. Some of the names have faded from time but mine still stands out at the top [...]

A Question

I love the gypsy type lifestyle that I was born into. I travel a lot during the winter season and if I am in one place for too long, I start getting restless. When my wheels hit the road again I feel like a weight is lifted and we are on to the next great [...]

The Great White North

Well here I am back in another airport terminal starting my next adventure. This time to the great white north and a place called Panorama which holds a special place in my heart because of a particularly brutal memory I have of the place. It was a mind numbingly frigid December morning. I was shivering. I did not own enough clothing [...]

A True Summer Anecdote

It’s summer. The birds are chirping and the air is heavy with humidity, but there is a slight breeze rustling the leaves. My sister Chelsea and I look out over the Middlebury pond half way up the Snow Bowl. I pretend not to notice the beautiful blond scholar sitting and studying her books close to [...]