Spartan Reminiscence

Someone came up to me today and told me they heard that I was doing the Spartan race again this year. Well, I have no such intentions, but then again, neither did I last fall. What follows is a summery of my Spartan experience last year. This is an email I wrote to one of [...]


Well... that was interesting. It was a race unlike anything I have ever done and by far the hardest challenge I have ever accomplished. I woke up at 6AM for my 8 o'clock start time and, me being me, I almost missed that. Driving up to the mountain it was a $10 parking fee and [...]

For Better or Worse

So a short time ago, good friend Doug Lewis put me into contact with a man. A man who is either one of my greatest assets, or possibly the death of me. Joe DeSena is an ultra runner/endurance athlete who is plainly a maniac when it comes to pushing the bodies limits. I myself am [...]