Pricing Packages

The Introduction

Would you like to showcase your business or event with a video clearly explaining just what you are trying to accomplish? “The Introduction” package offers a creative two and a half, to five minute video getting to the center of what you are trying to promote.

 I will ask you three main questions- Who are you, how are you different, and where are you going? With these three core queries we will explain to your audience exactly what you want them to know with definitive answers while intermixing video content to help drive the point home. 

What it includes- 

One 2.5’ to 5’ video with voiceovers and promotional footage

Raw talking head video interviews 

What it costs-


Want more content to pair it with? Double up with “The Instagram!” 



The Biopic

 With this package we are diving into a specific individual to examine their life and what makes them tick. Do you need a college supplement video? This option is the one for you! Do you want a potential employer to get to know you better? Heres your chance!

Whats included- 

One 1.5’ to 3’ video with voiceovers and personal footage 

What is costs-



The Instagram

 I get it. Sometimes you don’t need that fancy “who am I” kind of thing. Maybe you just need a quick promotional blast with photos and a short artsy video. Well here it is! 

With “The Instagram” option I will come take b-roll of your event or business to quickly showcase exactly what you would like! While on location I will also capture photographs for some more social media love!

Whats included- 

One 1’ or less video

8-10 commercially usable photographs 

What is costs-