NorAm Finals

Well, I've been up here in good ol' Alberta for about a week now. News flash, NorAm finals are difficult! Not just the competition, but the hills are incredibly challenging as well. The slaloms takes place at the Canadian Olympic Park which is right in the city of Calgary. Thanks to my Instagramming friends, you [...]

Today at Vail…

I was fourth second run today at the NorAms in Vail. Wow! Feels great to get a good run in. Its one thing to know you can ski fast, but its a completely other thing to prove that you are. To others, and especially to yourself. After finishing 40th first run today I was obviously [...]

Disco Feet

Well, its been a crazy few weeks. Since I drove out west a month ago I've been a snowmaker, athlete (first and foremost of course!), filmmaker, and have also been becoming quite proficient in gypsy life, couch surfing pretty much night to night for a while now. It's certainly exciting, never really knowing where you [...]