Cussing and Crushing

Hey you ladies and gents!
So as my friend chastised me over the phone today I was reminded of how truly terrible I have been at updating you guys on my whereabouts. I’ve been meaning to for a while now but I’ve just been so busy the blog has kind of fallen to the wayside which is very uncool. To make up for my apparent abandonment of this here fantastic video blog, I’ve decided to make up a couple videos to invite you guys back in and get you interested again so please do not lose faith in me yet. I’ve still got a few cool things to show you, I swear.

But, until such a time when those videos are available to you, (probably within the next couple days) feel free to read on.

Six days ago I traveled from my cozy Vermont home out to a place where I have always felt was my second home. Colorado. I’ve been coming here every November for the past 7 or 8 years now and it always means one thing.
Ski season is upon us!
Colorado is the place where everyone goes for one last hoorah before the race season. Where they go to hone their skills and make last minute adjustments to their technique, just trying to find that extra hundredths of a second that will hopefully win them a nice result. It’s an exciting environment and I was smiling the second my skis hit the snow and I clicked into my bindings!

That smile faltered after my first few days back in GS gates. If you guys dined to watch the video on my trip to Chile you would have seen me ripping some serious arcs against that superstar, and now Soleden GS winner, Lindsey Vonn! (Congrats Linds)
No serious ripping to be found in GS here however.. which is unfortunate and a serious bummer. It is never fun to take steps back in skiing but sometimes it is inevitable. I am just not making the right moves and I do not feel as solid on my skis as I did down south. I think my coach thought my head was going to explode after one of my more frustrating runs the other day. I came through the finish, when he asked me what was going on I screamed, “I feel like I am a f-ing J4 again! AHHH!” Losing it on the hill is never a good thing but that too, is inevitable sometimes. Things picked up in the end but still not to my complete satisfaction. Do you guys think I can find my groove again and start the shredding back up? I absolutely do.

After that fun stretch of GS we got to bash some SL gates today. What’s more, is I got to train with my brother Cody who is currently trying to work his way back into the sport after suffering a severe brain trauma 3 years ago. It was so awesome to rip around with him again and to see him back out there.
Where the GS wasn’t there, the SL was. After my first run I was rearing to get up there for another. It felt so good and I was totally crushing! Which was such a relief after a frustrating start in GS.

Now, we have a day off followed up by some more GS training, leading up to my first race of the 2011-12 season! Which will most likely be sometime next week. Bring it on!!!

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