What’s Within My Reach

I am currently driving up through Maine again on the way to good ol’ Sugarloaf for another race series. My last race there ended with a win so I am hopping I can keep that going into this series of one GS and two SG’s.

A couple days ago I returned from Lake Placid, NY where we had a couple tech races each. It was a little less successful than I would have liked but I am glad to say that I was on the podium for at least one of the GS’s. Now if only I could figure out how to crush SL in races, then I’d be all set. Anyway, after that I came back home for a couple days. Enough time to throw my duffle bag of clothes into the washer, only to repack it directly after and hit the road to GMVS and jump in the van for our next trip.

After this wraps up I’ll spend a couple of weeks training and possibly racing a few college carnivals to get ready for a mid season trip to Vail, Colorado for another round of Nor-Ams! I am definitely planning on stepping up my game for those things so you guys better watch out.

But not to get ahead of myself. Time to focus on these next few days and take control of what’s within my reach at the moment. As Luc is driving right now I’ll mostly focus on getting control of my stomach while he barrels through these bumpy back roads.

Hope everyone is enjoying the journey so far. Wish me luck this upcoming month, it’s about to get real!

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