To Live Your Life

There are plenty of opinions out there on how you should live or what you should do to be successful. But what is success? Is it having a firm grasp of the future or planning out the financial demands of tomorrow? Next week? The year? Is it doing everything you can to secure a stable future or is it living in the moment and finding your own happiness? Obviously there is a middle ground, and the path you choose should be tailored to you. After all, there is no one set path we can all follow. We are all on our very own and the only individual capable of changing that course, is you.

If you have been reading this blog you know my decision. It is the way my parents raised me and it is the way I live. I am facing a season where my financial stability is… well, anything but stable! I’ve read a lot about Zen and Buddhism  which is all about living in the moment and finding inner happiness. I would like to think I have a pretty firm grasp on that ideal, to say the least! It’s true, a lot of friends have been overly concerned about my future plans and “what I am doing with my life” so to speak. Well, to put it simple, I am living it my friends.

In conclusion, do whatever makes you happiest. That is the true path to greatness.

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