Getting Closer!

Alright, so I had to recover some video I accidentally deleted from Pano Nor-Ams but now that I have that, the edit is much close to done. Its looking wicked sick, so stay tuned!

I wanted to share with you guys a run from Brennan Rubie when he won two GS Nor-Am races up north. He demolished his competition this day by over 2.4 SECONDS! (I DNFed first run… hahah.) But in all honesty, it is some seriously incredible skiing and I try to picture his movements when I ski GS myself. It was fast, smooth, precise, and by all means he deserved to win those races. Good job my friend.

Brennan Rubie, Panorama Nor-Ams. 2nd GS Race, 1st Run from Tucker Marshall on Vimeo.

Other than editing I am back on the East coast! Which is great being back in the environment and working back into my racing. I decided to come to Eastern Cups in Attitash and that’s where I am now. We had a GS race today but clearly I need to do a better job of impersonating the great Rubie! That’s what tomorrow is for I guess. Time to study some vid, cheers folks.


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