Prep Period, DONE!

Hey everyone,

The Rednecks are hard at work out here in Colorado. While it seems like we have been getting storms bringing in fresh snow every couple of days the snow surface has remained remarkably good at our training venues. I myself have been bouncing around between Loveland, Copper, and Vail.

As is always the case for me during the fall, my training has been dependent on the generosity of those who let me utilize their courses for a few runs which include Burke Mountain Academy, GMVS, Denver University, Global Racing, and a far west masters camp dubbed “Punks in Gates.”

Here are a few of my training runs. Slalom is feeling pretty solid right now with just a few more tweaks needed to make my setup perfect before the season begins. GS is progressing.

Loveland SL 11-14-15 from Tucker Marshall on Vimeo.

Vail SL 11-16-15 from Tucker Marshall on Vimeo.

Vail SL 11-16-15 from Tucker Marshall on Vimeo.


Vail SL 11-19-15 from Tucker Marshall on Vimeo.


Tomorrow is our last day of training before our first races of the season which will be held at Echo on Sunday and Monday in the Front Range of Colorado. After that we head to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for two Nor-Am slaloms which are followed up by two GS Nor-Ams at Copper in Colorado.

Getting close now! Wish me luck!

Here are LOTS of photos from my summer.

The images in this sequence include rock climbing at French’s Dome in Welches Oregon (which has a great view of Mt. Hood from the top), summer in Vermont, summer in Saas-Fee Switzerland, fall in Vermont, fall in Saas-Fee, and a couple imagines from my time here in Colorado so far. Enjoy!


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