Colorado Video Update and Other News

I flew over to Colorado for a quick trip to get on snow last week. Spent 7 days there with 7 solid days on snow! Glad I made the trip to get dialed before I forerun the World Cup at Killington this weekend! As usual my training depended on the generosity of the teams out there. I am so grateful to all of those who helped me out last week.


In other news I am so incredibly excited for the World Cup here. I haven’t been able to sleep in a week. Not from nervousness that I might blow up forerunning and have a bunch of GoPros sliding down the hill after me, but excitement that this awesome event has come to where I grew up skiing, on a trail that I have skied more times than I can count. And yes, okay, maybe the first thing too.

I poached some training today. The snow is absolutely incredible and the venue is coming together really quickly.

Training on Skylark, trail skiers right of race venue
Training on Skylark, trail skiers right of race venue

Tomorrow there is a hill free ski at 9:30 followed by some training. Then the fun begins! If you are around at all this weekend, come say hi!

My siblings Cody and Chelsea with Superstar in the background







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