Vermont June Training!

Hey everyone,

Well we are rushing head-on into summer but that doesn’t mean all of the snow has melted off the mountains just yet. This past weekend Robby Kelley and I went up to Killington and set up gates on lower Superstar. There were some bumps but after a few slip runs and throwing a little salt the training actually ended up being pretty good! We showed up around 5AM and ended up getting 11 runs in before 10:30 when we were asked to leave by mountain ops. All in all, not a bad day! Here is a video from that day.


For now I am been in Vermont working summer jobs and gearing up for next season. I plan on heading to Mt. Hood as soon as I can find someone interested in having me run their gates. Anyone interested in having me train with them?? Get in touch!

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Thanks. Stay classy,