Sweat The Small Stuff

We must consider that who we are is the sum of all the moments we have lived. Of every moment we have lived. I do not believe that we are defined by a few significant actions or deeds, but rather by every tiny decision we make on a… second to second basis.

Anyone can be kind and preform commendable acts when surrounded by their peers but the true measure of a man or woman comes from within, when the only person around to evaluate their behavior is themselves. To be a good person is not to cultivate that persona for others, not to ask the question, “Will this make me look good?” but instead, “Is it good?”

There is no practice too small in this instance. In fact, I believe it is in doing the smaller day to day, second to second actions that have the greatest impact on your life.

If you come across an untucked chair in a room alone and you think, “Someone may trip over that in the dark,” but you also contemplate that is is not your problem and no one will know if you just walk by. In the moment I believe there is a pivotal decision to be made.

It may seem like a small inconsequential thing at the time but if you consider it happening over and over again in a million different ways, every second of every day, slowly you will become aware that these tiny actions create quite the grand sum of morality.

Perhaps there will be people who define you by the few grand deeds you have preformed and thats great. You can feel good about the accolades given to you from the outside world.

But what of the truth of self that only you can determine by the endless trials in life, both grand and infinitesimal, and how you have faced them?

You can hide the truth of who you are from everyone if you wish but never from yourself.

Life is a continual lesson on how to do things the right way. The easy way hardly ever seems to align with this but if you practice it day by day, second by second, the right way will become the only way.