Enjoy The Moment

This is perhaps the most difficult practice to keep. We are all constantly worried with things that have already past, or how things may progress in the future. Even when we like the outlook of future events we are overly concerned with the steps we must take to achieve that grand moment.

Certainly there are steps you must consider each and every day, but once that path is laid before you is it not better to walk it unencumbered by the stress of “what if?”

And to be sure, if you start questioning the stepping stones you have already placed before your feet then new side avenues will emerge and you will start to wonder if you are on the right path after all. You will start to question and worry and stress and suddenly this grand adventure that is life will start to feel more like some twisted requirement rather than an incredible opportunity.

Some may consider this approach extremely apathetic. How are you to achieve anything in life if there is no constant struggle for better?

Understand that happiness experienced in the moment does not dissipate the desire for a successful future. I wish very much for a prosperous tomorrow and I also realize that when my head gets wrapped up too much on the “when” and “then,” I lose the reality of now which gets skewed with thoughts that have no tangible meaning.

It is good to fantasize about wonderful things but it is great to experience those wonderful things. To live a wonderful life and to enjoy this fantastic path you walk.

Enjoy the moment for it is already past and you will never come to it again. The future is now and now is then and then is a memory you wonder if you lived correctly.

Did you enjoy it? Then yes, yes it is correct.