Puzzle Pieces

To dedicate your ambitions to becoming a professional athlete, it takes a lot of pieces coming together in the right way. Some of them are obvious, like a knack of talent for said sport, a bull headed determination, and most likely a part of you probably lives in the clouds. There are the less obvious [...]

A Growing Outrage

I want to share with the ski racing community something I find unjust and unfair to both elite and new athletes alike. Not only does this injustice hinder the development of younger racers, but it also discourages higher level athletes from racing. Like many sports, ascension through the competition pipeline in alpine ski racing is [...]

Live for Tomorrow

  So, lets consider life for a second. Most days of your life are pretty ordinary. Nothing extraordinary happens, whether good nor bad on a regular basis, on a day to day basis. So your given these days, right? These empty days to do with what you will. How do you take full advantage of [...]

The Unnecessary Power of Hindsight

*Hindsight- The perception of the significance and nature of events (usually bad) after they have occurred.* It has become my daily goal in life to eliminate the negative effects of hindsight. Many of us look at the past and consider what we may have done to change an un-welcome outcome. We ask ourselves too much [...]