Do to some tough weather here on the east coast this month, I have been training a lot of slalom on the flats. (Only place there was enough snow.) Flats however, is one of my weak points in skiing, so it has actually been a very productive block! I am finally starting to understand how [...]

Today at Vail…

I was fourth second run today at the NorAms in Vail. Wow! Feels great to get a good run in. Its one thing to know you can ski fast, but its a completely other thing to prove that you are. To others, and especially to yourself. After finishing 40th first run today I was obviously [...]

Racing @ Loveland

This weekend I've got a couple of FIS races on the docket at Loveland. Today we ran slalom. It sure was nice to be back in the seed again (top 15 points at start). The race itself went alright, I've still got some kinks to work out but I was happy with a solid stepping [...]