Do to some tough weather here on the east coast this month, I have been training a lot of slalom on the flats. (Only place there was enough snow.) Flats however, is one of my weak points in skiing, so it has actually been a very productive block! I am finally starting to understand how some of that speed is generated and was psyched on some big strides made. Check it out.

Sugarbush Training, January 2014 from Tucker Marshall on Vimeo.

Carnival season has been good for me so far, with a 6th at the UVM GS and a 5th at the Colby slalom last Saturday. Tomorrow I head to Burke for the UVM carnival slalom, which I am psyched for. Speaking of which, sorry for the quick post, but I am off to bed! More deep thinking thoughts on everything soon to come! Plus, maybe a season 3, episode 2 webisode in the works…? Stay tuned!


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