Next on the docket… NORAMS!

Training has been awesome these past two weeks. The snow has been great and the skiing is starting to feel better and better. I’m starting to feel some real speed in slalom. Even though it is still a  little chaotic, I like where it is going! Here I am yesterday channeling my inner Henrik Kristoffersen. I’ve still got a little progress to make, (despite being 4 years his senior), but always getting faster!

SL Training, Sugarbush. 1/29/14 from Tucker Marshall on Vimeo.

GS is also feeling very comfortable for me, and I am excited to prove myself again in the Nor-Ams, which start up again on Monday. Here is a run from yesterday, and despite the unfortunate ending, I am happy with some sweet turns and look forward to continue to build that all the way to the finish.

Sugarbush GS Training, 1/29/14 from Tucker Marshall on Vimeo.

Another few days of training ahead of me and then 7 races in a row scheduled starting with Nor-Ams on Monday-Thursday at Stowe, Dartmouth Carnival Friday-Saturday, and I finish up with the Suicide Six Fisk race on Sunday. Looking forward to a great week ahead, lets do this!

Stay classy,


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