Spartan Reminiscence

Someone came up to me today and told me they heard that I was doing the Spartan race again this year. Well, I have no such intentions, but then again, neither did I last fall. What follows is a summery of my Spartan experience last year. This is an email I wrote to one of [...]

Spring Time

I've been back in Vermont for a couple weeks now. I would update my website more but the fact is, not much goes on in Vermont during this time of year. The days are mostly spent hiking, biking, running, in the gym, or just plain sun bathing, unwinding after a long and exhaustive season. Killington [...]

PowPow Back East!

So the Eastern Cup finals got pushed back a few days because of quite a bit of new, and very light snow. While using that time to get some more epic shots with Killington, I also made this short little edit. (Very short, my battery kept dying.) Enjoy my first video edit in ages! Killington [...]