Spring Time

I’ve been back in Vermont for a couple weeks now. I would update my website more but the fact is, not much goes on in Vermont during this time of year. The days are mostly spent hiking, biking, running, in the gym, or just plain sun bathing, unwinding after a long and exhaustive season. Killington is still open though, so I get up there to rip a few turns every few days. All in all it is pretty relaxing, but also pretty boring as well.

It feels great to be getting back in shape though and I tested that out this weekend at the Killington Triathlon. It was the first time they held a triathlon in 10 years, and I remember competing in it then, when I was 12 years old. There was certainly an air of nostalgia yesterday.

When I got going I felt that competitive side of me awaken and the adrenaline start pumping. Being an athlete, you are most in your element in competition and I hadn’t realized how much I had missed that until I was ripping downhill on my bike, and running uphill trying to keep the people around me to my back. The burning in your lungs a distant second to the desire of crossing that finish line first.

In the end I won for my age group, (21-35), but finished second overall, about a minute and a half back. Chelsea raced as well, winning for the same age group and losing the overall by pretty much the same margin that I did. No worries, we’ll be back next year for redemption! I am psyched Killington brought the event back, it was pretty awesome.

Next weekend I will be joining with Team Elevation, (“Elevation” is a PT clinic which has an office on the GMVS campus), for the Mad Triathlon as the runner. It is an incredible event that I have never taken part of before so I am psyched to be competing this year!

Other than my training, I have been casting my name out into the ski world looking for jobs for the summer. If you have wondered, yes, I do intend on racing next year. But how I keep my dream alive is dependent on two things. First, all of my incredible sponsors who support me, and second,  the work I do during the summer to raise the funds I need for the coming ski season.

So if you, or anyone you know, is looking for an awesome skier to help with coaching, or anything else, I am your guy!

Stay classy friends, I’ll try and make life here a bit more exciting so updates wont be so few and far between. Take it easy


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