Back on the Grid!

Well not really. When I say “Back on the Grid”, what I mean to say is that I am back home in Vermont. And Vermont, well that is an entirely separate and unique grid in itself. But moving on…

I took a break from updating as I am sure all of my 54 loyal followers took note of. (Have you subscribed yet??) Sometimes you just need to take a step back and make some adventures happen to have something new to write about. So that’s what I went and did. My season finished on an up, scoring some of my best races right at the end, as I always do. Maybe next season I will wait until the spring to start racing since those races seem to be my bread and butter.

I know that my videos are popular  but until such a time that my next webisode is complete I will cover the past couple weeks in photos with the story in the description. Enjoy!

Well, my season ended on the 7th, so on the 8th I hopped a plane to Colorado. The plan; pick up my car, (which was still out there from November), and drive it back, with a few pitstops on the way.

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