Back in the US of A!

There is always something so magical about coming back to the good ol’ motherland after traveling abroad. Even if it was only to our french speaking neighbors in eastern Canada for a few days. Well… some might say “especially” in that case. Not me! But some may…

Canada was pretty good to me in this case. It started out with a couple days of GS which went pretty alright. We were racing at Stoneham which is just outside of Quebec city. It is a interesting hill in the sense that you can feel like you are totally ripping, only to come down 2 seconds back. This happened to me 3 times in a row until the final race where second run I finished fourth. Again, an interesting hill, since I did not exactly feel spectacular. Here it is.

M2U01408 from Tucker Marshall on Vimeo.

After that we headed to Le Ralais for two slalom races. You all know how the first one went, scoring my first teen result! Man, that felt pretty awesome. Still feels pretty good. The next day was slightly bittersweet. First run my head wasn’t fully into it so I was not generating the speed I should have been. Being frustrated with my lack of mental fortitude, I gathered my senses for second run and finished 2nd on the run. Not enough time to make up for another score, but at least I picked up some of my dignity on the way down.

Le Relais SL Run 2, Spring Series 2013 from Tucker Marshall on Vimeo.

Well the season is almost over folks! I left the cold northern country of Canada for the brisk state of Maine. (Does anyone know why it has been pounding snow the last few days???) I will be here racing two GS’ and then my travels will take me to Sunday River where I will wrap up my season with two final SL races. I am excited but focused and can’t wait to see what the days ahead will bring. More success if I have any say in it!

Stay happy,


Photo cred, Andrew McNealus
Photo cred, Andrew McNealus. Follow Him

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