Teens Baby!


This picture was taken on March 2nd 2012, with the caption, “Best result of the career today with a 20! Next stop, teens baby. Teens.” Well those teens did not come nearly as easily as I had anticipated. It would be over a year until I bested that score, and that year would be strewed with great highs, and incredible lows. I’ve struggled to find my niche this season, it is not a secret that it has been a difficult one. After all, it is hard to get momentum going again after you’ve lost it.

Today, I finally broke that god forsaken 20’s barrier and scored my first teens result. I must admit, it feels quite incredible! I realize that in the grand scheme of things, at my age this may not be a great achievement. But I assure you, for me personally, it means a great deal after a long season of seriously trying times and I really couldn’t be happier. Thanks to my sponsors, and here is to keeping the momentum going!

Le Relais SL, April 1st 2013 from Tucker Marshall on Vimeo.

Cheers all,


Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 9.23.35 PM

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