The New and Old

Quick update here before I head to bed. I am up north in Canada right now gearing up for the final 8 races for the season, all to be done here in the next 9 days. First let me give you an update on last week.

I raced Eastern Cup finals. I got beat by a 1996 named Charlie Raposo in the first GS. He beat me fair and square, yes I am 6 years his senior, and yes it really did happened, so lets move on. All I have to say is, everyone else in the field also got beat by a 96′.

      Good on ya’ mate!!! (He’s British. Do British people say that?)

After that there was another day of semi okay GS skiing. Apparently I just get SMOKED when I hit the flats but hey, thats a tale for another day. Right now we are moving on to slalom. I did not get beat by a 96′ in SL, so we were headed in the right direction.

(I know, this doesn’t look like “Spring Series” but I assure you this was taken last weekend.)

Slalom E-Cup Finals, 2013 from Tucker Marshall on Vimeo.

I was 3rd after first run, both days in the two Slalom races that I competed in at Waterville Valleys. Unfortunately both days I moved back to 4th after second run, missing out on that podium but it was still some of my best skiing all year so we will chalk that up to a win.

With those races under my belt I geared up for a few days of training before coming up here for the final push. Unfortunately, my first day training, this happened….

Slalom Training, 03-26-13 from Tucker Marshall on Vimeo.

Did you see it? Yeah, me neither. What apparently happened though is I compressed a disk in my back which pinched my sciatic nerve. This nerve runs from your lower back, (left side in this case), all the way down your leg. Now, I am sure if anyone of you can imagine a pinched nerve… well it really doesn’t really leave anything to be desired as far as the pain scale goes. Since that day, I haven’t been on snow.

Instead I have been rehabbing as much as I could before these races. It is kind of the worst time to get injured since you don’t exactly have time to do much else other than pray, so I am hoping tomorrow goes off alright. The wonderful Danni Laflamme (PT goddess of GMVS students) has been doing her utmost to get me back on my feet and while she still has her doubts, I assured her that racing this weekend for me was somewhat of a must. In which case she sent me on my way with all the dos and don’ts that I am to adhere to. Thank you very much for your help and support Danni! I will try and come back in one piece.

Race day tomorrow. Wish me luck!

With love and pain,

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