Wedding Success!

Hey guys! Wedding was awesome and I now have a new sister! Very excited as is everyone over here. We know a lot of people wish they could have attended, so here is a video of the full ceremony! I apologize for the sketchy/shaky hand. I was juggling a few cameras but I hope you [...]

Wedding Time!!!

Well, first let me start off by saying Hawaii is becoming one of my favorite places on earth! It is incredible here and I am in love with the whole scene. I wish I could stay longer, it will definitely be a place I will try and find my way back to sooner rather than [...]

Bound for Hawaii

As the wheel of life keeps on turning, new adventures await the restless souls of those who are curious. Yes, the wheel of life keeps on turning, and there is an amazing, and wonderful new adventure awaiting my oldest brother Jesse, and his Fiancee Christina. I depart tomorrow morning to go join them, and a [...]