Bound for Hawaii

As the wheel of life keeps on turning, new adventures await the restless souls of those who are curious.

Yes, the wheel of life keeps on turning, and there is an amazing, and wonderful new adventure awaiting my oldest brother Jesse, and his Fiancee Christina. I depart tomorrow morning to go join them, and a few close friends as they tie the knot on the island of Maui. I am beyond words in my happiness for them and I personally am exited t0 (A)- not be lugging around 500lbs ski bags with me and (B)- experience my first tropical destination! Cody sent us a picture of the place we are staying at. Not too shabby, eh?photo

I will be posting more but for now I would like to invite you into something new I’ve come up with. I have always been interested in streaming Live video from me on the road, straight to my blog. Well, it has happened! Jesse asked me to look at live streaming options for his wedding so family and friends who could not attend would be able to tune in via online broadcasting.

So if you would like, please check out as I will be broadcasting at pre-determined times. To test out the waters with this new system I will be checking in en-route to Hawaii at 3:45-4:00 PM EST tomorrow, May 20th. If you have any questions you could post them in the comments, or a better way would be to go to There you can take part of a live chat and ask me questions or leave comments that will appear directly on my phone as I recored the live segment.

Hope you will take part, and thanks for reading! Stay happy



  1. hey! I’m one of Christinas good friends and i’d like to view the video today, what time are you going to be airing it Central time that is

  2. Thanks Tucker! I appreciate it, tell her Ginny and Jen are watching with smiles on our faces 🙂 wish we could be there!

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