Aching Bones

Hey everyone!

So I just finished up my 3 week long prep camp in Colorado. It was sweet to be back here and it was amazing to be back on snow. There were a few bumps and hiccups in the road but all just a learning experience for a better, and hopefully, more arc capable me. Stay tuned for a full review on my trip with a video edit from the camp which I have just started working on.

Whats next you ask?
Well, I fly back home to Vermont tomorrow for about a week, then off to Canada! I’ll be flying into Calgary which is in Alberta. From there I drive up to Nakiska Mountain for a few days of training and then we are off! Racing season officially begins on the 5th of December for me with a bundle of Nor-Am races.

Nor-Ams, (North American Cup) will be the focus of my season. It is a series of races that lasts all winter long, held at venues all across North America. If you manage to be consistent and win the overall in any of the 5 events, you are guaranteed every World Cup start in the corresponding discipline the following season. It is a hefty goal, but that’s the way both of my brothers managed to take their skiing to the next level, and they have certainly always been a huge inspiration to me.

Anyway, 4 races at Nakiska and then a road trip to Panorama for some more Nor-Am races! Seven more races to be exact. Whew, half way into December and I will already have 11 pretty important races under my belt… I’ll be sure to keep my head screwed on straight.

In any case, I feel winter coming and my bones are aching to show everyone what I am made of! Stay tuned, it’s going to be an exciting ride!

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