I lie back, in yet another generic hotel bed, and digest the two pizza’s G, Sandy, and I just downed in about 2.7 seconds. Part of our hunger was a result of the hour it took for the delivery guy to show up but at least the time gave my stomach a chance to settle after Luc’s attempt at driving breakneck pace through the winding Vermont roads. Who knew you could get car sick while in the passenger seat? He always seems to be teaching me new things, that guy.

 Anyway, after a few honks, swerves, and kind words our gallant coach finally arrived us in Montreal at the Mariott for the night where we will get up at the brisk hour of 4:30AM. Then its off to the airport to deal with the ever nice and lenient people at the check in counter. Who always love seeing people lugging about 6 bags of ski stuff up to their counter. Each. Its always a game of sweet talking, smiling, with a pinch of lying in there just to get your bags on the plane without dishing out some serious dough. It’s a game I plan to win tomorrow.
     After all the sweet talking is done we’ll be on our way to Calgary, and from there, Nakiska. Even though its only been a few days I am really excited to get back out there again and try a few last minute adjustments before my races. It’s going to be a great year, and I can’t wait for the start of it
…No matter how many gut wrenching drives await me
Congrats to my sister Chels today! She had back surgery this summer and today was her first World Cup training run back. She placed 10th and proved to everyone she’s still a bad ass to be watched! Keep it up sis

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