White Lies

Hi All,
I just finished up a three day training block here in western Canada. Tomorrow we are free skiing on the race hill and then the next day we begin racing! Which I am amped about.

Today was our day off so me and the crew jumped in the minivan and drove on over to Lake Louise to watch my sister in the World Cup! I have never been to one of my siblings World Cup events so it was really cool to go watch Chels.

We arrived at the mountain with cars backed up about 13 miles so it was lucky Chelsea had an extra parking pass for us. I snuck into the athlete lounge with her and promptly got grilled on who I was and why I was there by the woman who was apparently the glorified bouncer. Figuring the sibling card would be insufficient to stay there, I quickly came up with some clever little white lies and proceeded to get kicked out. Clearly wasn’t clever enough…

From there I went to the finish area while Chels went up for her run. Feeling smug about my near success in the athlete lounge I figured sneaking my way into the athlete arena at the finish area was a sure thing. I got past the check point and smiled at my success. Until a person approached me, asked for credentials, and then sent me back the way I came. Dammit. Looks like I would have to settle for watching my sis 3 fences back.

In the end I got a great spot next to the guy with the air horn who liked to blast the siren every 3 seconds. It was awesome to see all the US girls come down and in some cases kill it. Chelsea was starting next to last so the conditions were a little rough at that point but she skied well. She didn’t have the opportunity to train this summer because of a back surgery but she is confident with a bit more training the crushing will be soon to follow which I totally agree with!

Anyway, that’s it for now. Racing soon and I am ready to start the season off right!

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