New York City Ripping

Hello, hello
I just wrapped up the first 4 races here in Nakiska. As skiing always is, there were ups and downs but I am very glad that I can at least say there were the ups.

First day, Super-G, I hacked my way down the course. Super back and it felt like I was hanging on for dear life as I hit the numerous bumps below the gates and thanked god I had my bindings checked at the start. It’s a wonder my skis didn’t vibrate off of my feet.
Second day, Super-G, arcing. I was determined to ski better and feel more in control so I got a good line, crushed the front of the boot and was confident that I laid down a super sick run.

First day, placed 19th. Second day, 52nd.

Skiing is like that sometimes. You can feel like Ted Ligety, ripping some serious turns, only to come down in last. And then you can feel like some gomer from New York City, getting thrown into a professional Super-G and totally kill it! It can be unbelievably frustrating at times, but as you can imagine, sometimes it is the best thing in the world.

Anyway, today I had a Super-G/ Super Combined which means they just throw a SL run in there after the Super-G. Had some costly mistakes in the Super-G so I ended up having to start pretty far back in the SL portion of the race which is not always fun. At least I had my buddy Sandy there with me who ended up tying me that morning. While we waited at the top, watching the racers take their runs, we noticed how quite a few of them were not finishing due to the cranker of a course they set. Turns out speed oriented guys aren’t adept at making SL look easy. Sandy and I look at each other, and are like “yes, this is our chance.”

Sandy gets in the gate, ready to shred, and I am next to go.

We look down at the kid who went before him and see him lean in and fall on the 8th gate. “Dude, Sandy, do NOT do what that kid just did!” Sandy goes. Eighth gate, does exactly what that kid did. Dammit. My turn. I rip out of the gate thinking, “don’t do that.” I arced, slid, leaned back, threw myself forward, leaned back again, fell into some ruts, nearly straddled, and made it to the finish line. Thankfully I made up some time on my Super-G run and ended up 19th overall for a second time this series. Not a bad start for the New York City gomer.

Today was one of those days where the people who already had their run stuck around at the finish and enthusiastically applauded those who were finishing and cheered on those who were hiking. It struck me how this sport has such awesome camaraderie and how happy people are when they are with friends and doing what they love to do. I am so psyched to be a part of something like that.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. Tomorrow we take a road trip to Panorama for another week of racing. Let’s keep ripping, shall we?! Want to see some serious ripping? Check out this video of my brother Cody, getting back into the groove of things. Way to go bro! Keep up the ripping!

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