The Epitome of Sucking

It all started, as a day like any other.
5:30AM wake up, dress, breakfast, inspect, race. I was up in Quebec, Canada competing at Mont-Sainte-Anne in the Canadian National Championship slalom. Do to the unfortunate warm weather the races were delayed leaving me with a few hours to race, drive back home, wax, do laundry, pack, and fly out at 5:30AM the next day for US Nationals in Winter Park, Colorado.

After the completion of the race, (which I skied very well in but was met with some unlucky head winds), Ghassan and I hit the road for the next 6 hours which were thankfully pretty uneventful. As I got home I immediately procrastinated for the next 3-4 hours until I was dead tiered with not a thing in my bags. Rallying, and deciding on the all-nighter option I started packing up my skis, clothes, and whatever else was within arms reach.

I still had a few things in the washer that I needed, so I ran down and threw my clothes over to the dryer. “What’s that in the bottom of the washer…? Oh awesome, that would be my iPhone.” After the horror, anger, self-loathing, and depression set in I was all set to go again.

Not the best start to the trip but we’ll get over it.

At 2AM I got an email stating that my flight was delayed an hour. Sweet, there goes my connection. Only a minor hiccup. I call, rebook, and now I leave at 6:15AM on a different flight.

Okay, that could have been worse; we still have a good flight.
It is now 2:15 and no way am I going to sleep. I need to leave at 3 to get this flight so I force myself to stay awake and then wake up my dad so he can give me a lift to the airport. What a guy, my dad. Always waking up at all manner of hours to support his kids in their ambitions.

All right, it’s almost over. Once I get on that plane the stress of travel will be all over.

We left for the airport and I promptly passed out. When I re-awoke I was at Burlington International Airport …to bad I was flying out of Manchester, NH that morning. Oops. Totally sucking now. I’ll just get on my iPhone and figure this out. Oh that’s right, my phone went for a swim last night and wasn’t ready to working again.

It is 430 in the morning, my flight leaves in an hour 45, and I am not even in the right airport. The right airport is 3 hours away. Stress levels just peaked.

After talking with the agents at the ticket counter, who are pretty much only helpful at explaining how screwed you are, (“Why are you at this airport? It is going to cost a lot of money for you to rebook your flight sir.”) I got on the phone (pay phone) and started figuring things out.

In the end I ended up having to cancel my original flight with no refund and book an entirely new flight. Departing from Manchester. To say this is one of the most hectic travel days of my life would be an understatement. It is all part of the glorious life as a ski racer though. Which is something I hope I will still be able to do here at US Nationals… did I mention my skis never showed up in Denver last night? Still sucking.

Lessons learned today? Communicate with my dad better is up there on the list.

Life takes unexpected turns everyday. To sit and wallow in worry is never the right option but it is always fun to embrace the new path as another adventure and see where it takes you. In the end, whether it was fun or no, I am thankful that it led me to Colorado still, if not by a far more round about route.

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