Looking Awesome In Hood!

Howdy folks!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer. I figured I’d keep this blog rolling and tell you a little bit about mine.

So for the month of June, I decided that it was about time for me to dive back into the skiing community by going to see everyone in it (and their mother) by going to the summer skiing capital of the United States that is Mt. Hood, Oregon. Ironically enough, I brought my own mother along.

For a week, my sister Chelsea, my mom, and I went around Oregon in a true tourist fashion. Renting a car, touring the state, going to all the tourist hot spots while taking goofy pictures. I don’t think Chelsea loved me posing all the time in awesome scenic spots but oh well, we both know it was awesome.

I’m pretty excited about my first trip to the Pacific

After that, Chelsea and I got down to some business! It was her return to snow after injuring herself last season so it was all great energy and we were excited to be back on snow again.

    After about a week me madre went home and Chelsea started her camp with the US Ski Team so I decided to couch surf a little bit with my ski sponsor, Volkl, which was just awesome. Waiting for the arrival of GMVS to arrive for their FIS age athlete camp which I coached/trained at.

It was great to be out there for so long to kick off the summer. Being an athlete and having some amazing weather out west had me outside all day, everyday, trying to cram in as much activities as I could, whether that was tennis, swimming, basketball, hiking, running, or skiing of course. I am pretty sure I was averaging 5 sports a day and loving it!

When I wasn’t on the hill, I was most likely running. I’ve taken it up again since my last marathon last summer and have been getting super into it! I would run everyday for hours at a time. I did take two days off at one point but that made me feel terrible so I remedied the situation by running 13+ miles the next day. I also ran a lot with friend, and GMVS coach, Ben Brown. For those of you who don’t know Ben, he is about a foot and a half taller than me and half my width so those days were fantastically brutal for me. Luckily I had my trusty five fingered toe shoes, which I think gave me a great advantage.

Yes, I mean these things. You better believe I make them look damn good to. (Unfortunately no, mine are not pink.)

Anyway, it was a great month and I was so glad to be back on snow again. If you were wondering, yes, of course I took video and I am working on an edit. Not to worry.

   I am back in Vermont now, still training hard and working on more ski specific stuff. After all of that running around I have lost more than 15 pounds since ski season. I am glad to have slimmed down so much after losing my “winter layer” but I am ready to put some muscle weight back on and be really ready to turn it on next time I am on snow!

That’s it for now. Later friends

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