Nothing in Life is Certain

We all need a little motivation from time to time. Whether it is getting up to bust your ass in the gym or putting energy towards a new workday. We all strive for greatness and we all want to become better than we are.

How do we do that?

Sure, you can work harder, train smarter, run faster, and do more than the next person. It is still not certain that you will succeed. You are still not guaranteed success. Why do it then?

I get up at 6AM to jump in the pool for a workout. 50 X 50 yards on a minute. I go to the gym and, weight vest on my back, push myself harder. I go for a run, I run faster. I go biking, I climb longer. I do all of these things, not because I am guaranteed success, but because I am improving my odds at greatness.

“Nobody can judge effort. Cause effort is between you, and you.” –Ray Lewis

It would be so easy to turn that alarm off but to be great you need to work at it. You need to give everything to your passion, to your goal, to your dreams. Nothing in life is certain, and no, those dreams may never be realized. But if you don’t try, if you don’t give everything you have to what you want than you will never have truly dreamed of greatness.

Being the youngest of four siblings I have had the privilege of watching and learning from the paths that they themselves have chosen. Each one of them has chosen the same, and my respect for them is insurmountable. Not only because they had the courage to follow their dreams, but because when they committed to that path they put everything into it. Yes, they have all had some truly difficult times but I look to them when I have my own. And I know they don’t regret the decisions they made because they know they did everything in their power to be great. And regret can’t live in a place like that. As a result, the Marshall name is well known in the skiing world. I hope that one day I can add to that name and live up to the greatness of my brothers and sister.

No, success is not certain. You can’t wish yourself to the top or roll out of bed a champion. But what you can do is improve your odds at greatness; you can throw yourself into your dreams and give it everything you have, give it everything you are, and maybe one day your dreams will become reality.

Keep dreaming my friends


Here are two of my favorite inspirational videos if that didn’t get you guys going!

#leaveyourlegacy from Hooded Trees on Vimeo.

How Bad Do You Want It from Greyskale Multimedia LLC on Vimeo.

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