10 By 10 Challenge

So a few weeks ago my conditioning coach, Martin, had me do a warm up on the treadmill. Running a 9 minute mile, starting at level 1.0 incline, he asked me to up the incline a level each minute until I maxed out the treadmill which was much further than originally anticipated. By the end of the so called “warm up” I was sweating profusely and ready for my warm down.

Having the majority of my training for my second marathon done on a treadmill I was kind of surprised at how great of a workout adding a few extreme levels in there can be. Not to mention taking a little bit of the tedium out of treadmill running. So, I thought to myself, how can I make this even more of a torture filled activity and this is what I came up with…

The 10 By 10 Challenge. Beginners will start off with a 20lbs weight vest. Jump on the treadmill and start out with a 10 minute mile, (6.0 mph) with an incline of 1.0, increasing 1 level for every minute and have at it for 10 minutes. If you feel great and don’t fall off the back, next time dial up the speed and go for longer. My PR right now is 9 minute mile, 12 minutes. (It’s more painful than it sounds people, give me a break!)

Anywho, get inspired, get out there, and start crushing!

Here is a little video of the torture fest we did on Thursday. Good work boys!

10 By 10 Challenge from Tucker Marshall on Vimeo.

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