Macho, Macho!

Hey Everyone!

You know, it’s pretty hard to be in a bad mood when you are constantly pushing your body to another level and asking your muscles to do more and more when all you really want to do is collapse under the weight vest that is dragging you towards the ground. It is all so brutal physically but by the end of the day you feel that sweet soreness and you know you accomplished something that day and mentally it boosts your spirits through the roof. Today was such a day.

After Marty, (strength conditioning guru at GMVS), had us do an awesome med ball workout this morning we followed it up by, what all stereotypical guys do in a gym, bench press and pull-ups. Which we followed up with a little 10×10 action which is always just a blast. First lets touch on the warm up Marty had us do before the med ball workout.

Here comes Martin, in with his tennis racket and tennis ball this morning with a group of about 12 kids waiting for him. Line up he tells us. Against the wall he says. Catch the ball, 3 times, less sets during the workout. Don’t catch the ball, double the sets. Alright, so he will hit a few lobs I think.

My thought process quickly changed as I saw that first full wind up swing as he hits the ball like he was Andy Murray going for Olympic gold.

Well it certainly got my heart rate up but my legs were a little too sluggish I suppose as one shot came rocketing at my gut.

Whatever frustration you were trying to work out, I am glad you did Marty. Lets play tennis sometime though, that’s a killer forehand you’ve got.

So, after double the sets of med ball we did a few bench press reps followed by pull-ups. 30 reps normal grip, 30 reps side grip. I would normally be psyched on the fact that I can do that many in a set considering two years ago I would be lucky to get more than 10 pull-ups at once but I am pretty sure my 70 year old coach can do more than that. (Yes, he actually is 70, and no I am not kidding, he can do more.) Always strive to be the best I suppose, I miss you Luc!

Anywho, after all that my teammates have really taken to the “10 by 10” that I co-designed. So, after a few grumbles by me I joined in the madness. Running a 9.13 minute mile, (6.5 mph) I ran/inclined for 13 minutes! A new PR for me which left me drained of probably 5lbs of water weight. Awesome.

Then, I grabbed some lunch and came back for some even more weight vest fun with friends, Anna and Mackenzie. We did a little circuit workout which involved Ski Erg, box jumps, shuttle runs, and high intensity bike. FUN! Thanks ladies!

All in all a pretty awesome day in the gym. (Sorry for the macho guy blog post) Tomorrow night Chelsea and I are going to see Old Crow Medicine Show at Waterfront Park! Should be awesome. The Lumineers are opening! Here are a my some of my favorite songs by each.

Be well, my friends

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