Feeling Nauseous?

There was something strangely satisfying about today. Sure, I can’t will myself to walk more than 10 feet at a time, have difficulty raising my hands/arms above stomach level, and have a little bit of nausea here and there, but hey, I feel good about it. Why, you ask?

Well this morning me and the boys started out on a nice relaxing run up Lincoln Gap in Warren. (Have you picked up on the sarcasm yet?) Our designated workout this morning was “hill sprints” which Luc thought it fitting to run up the steepest road in Vermont on. From where we started it was about a 3-4 mile jaunt up to an elevation of 2,424+ feet as we extended our run even further onto the Long Trail.

This is what we are looking at for elevation gain, coming from left to right.

Thats an average of a 20% grade with 24% mixed in there from time to time. You know, just for fun.

We all started out a little skeptical. 

So we started out doing 5X10 seconds, followed by 5X30, and finally 5X45 second sprints with a rest interval of 2 to 1. Shout out to the new blood in the crew, Taylor Dawson and Travis Ahmann for pushing their limits right by my side all the way up the gap. I certainly couldn’t take it easy with those guys breathing down my neck! Great hustle boys.

When we go to the top none of us were all that psyched. Except Taylor apparently.

Later that afternoon I did what Marty described as “a serious meat head upper body strength.” My kind of workout. Hahaha. I’m just hoping I can lift my arms above my head before my next workout tomorrow.

It’s great to be training in a group again and having my friends push me to higher limits. I look forward to seeing just how high those limits are!

Until next time,


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