Plans, Plans, and Plans

Life moves fast! I am not quite sure when it all happened but all of a sudden Chelsea is informing me that we are leaving in a few days and stuff that should have been sorted out weeks ago now has a new, very compressed, timeline to get done. Sorting through bindings, getting skis prepped, stealing what equipment I can from my sister! It is all very exciting and I am SO PUMPED to get back on snow!

As the plan stands now, Chels and I hit the road this Wednesday making pit-stops at grandmothers house in PA, followed up by brothers place in Chicago, middle of Kansas the next night? And then home stretch on to Denver! And in true ski racer fashion, we’ll bum off some of our friends for a few days of lodging and training and move into our separate places November 1st.

Besides my personal upcoming plans my brother Jesse came for a visit this weekend, and made a few future plans himself, proposing to his girlfriend Christina! (She said yes) Congratulations you two!

Other than all that, I did promise a video and this post may or may not have been a stalling method.. It’s coming! Uploading when you live in the middle of the woods takes a little bit of time but we are almost at 30%. Killing it! Anyway, back to packing! Stay tuned on that vid…


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