Colorado Living

Welp, Chels and I made it! The bickering was kept to a minimum and 2,000+ miles later we arrived in Denver. We stayed a few nights in the city with our GREAT friend, Sterling Grant. It’s always a trip with her around and I don’t think Chels and I have laughed so hard, and so much in a very long time. Thanks Sterling!

Anyway, after cruising around the city, and visiting a haunted house, (that was hysterical, pictures to come) Chelsea and I FINALLY headed up to the mountains! Today was my first day back on snow since July 2nd! Now, I am not sure if I was ripping or not but I definitely was in my head. I was so psyched to be out there again, really it couldn’t matter if I was skiing like I was at Nakiska Nor-Ams last December…

Struggle Sesh from Tucker Marshall on Vimeo.
(Thanks for the positive words Luc and Kirby, but you must have been fu**ing high)

Ranked #11 scariest in the US, our group of 5 strong had some soar throats by the end…

Besides all that, I will be ripping around Colorado these next couple months, with a trip up to Canada as well for Nor-Ams. (Don’t worry, no way will it be as bad as last year.) I start training with the new team on Thursday and I am so psyched to get back into it! Until then I am hanging out in Vail with lodging courtesy  of the Littmans! (Ski racers would be screwed without friends to “bum” off of, so to speak…) It is much appreciated though. Thank you!

Updates on my time back on snow to follow, as well as the Road Trip edit! Working on that now…

Till next time friends,


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