Slalom Shralping

Yesterday was my first day back in gates since early July in Mt Hood. It was the longest time I have spent off snow so I was a little worried about how that may effect my skiing coming back. I’m happy to say I needn’t have worried! We did some easy, rhythmical courses but even still, it felt like some of my best slalom skiing and I was so amped by the end of the training session. I am sure being over 15Lbs lighter and probably 10x stronger didn’t hurt my skiing either. Hopefully it is a sign of GREAT things to come! 

For now I am just getting back into it and getting my equipment dialed. More slalom today, sick! Just came from a morning swim at the gym, time to get ready for a some shredding… 

A preview of our teams uniforms

My humble abode for the next couple months

Keep it classy ladies and gents,


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