SG! Oh no…

So today we had the first SG Nor-Am of the season. Warming up and inspecting the course, I am not going to lie, I was pretty terrified. I don’t ski speed much. Like at all. At most I’ll do somewhere around 5 Super-G’s a year and those are usually pretty mellow, like at Okemo Mountain in Vermont, or Mission Ridge in Washington. Both extremely mellow.

Weather was also super nice today, as seen here with Bryce Eller skiing down to the start.


Now Copper is not really that scary. Still pretty flat for most of it but like I said, Super-G has not exactly been my main focus in my career so I was still a bit nervous. There was a plus to today though, there were some pretty good sized turns. Bigger turns=slower speeds. All the nerves went away when I got in the gate which was good, (I think I am pretty much trained to do that by now), and my run went alright. I hit some gates which was just awesome and I was even decently fast at one split. (Third.) Not so awesome, I was pretty slow at another. (Ninety-Fourth…)

Screen Shot 2012-12-08 at 10.18.43 PM

Daaamit! We’ll need to work on that one tomorrow. All in all not a terrible day of SG. It was a lot of fun and if I shave a few tenths off here and there, which I am absolutely sure I can do, I’ll be raking in some more Nor-Am points! Yay! Depending on if we get a race off tomorrow… it is dumping snow right now here in Colorado with another few inches by tomorrow, accompanied by some high winds and some very cold temps. We are talking minus degree weather here folks! Which sounds just awesome…  Heres a clip from today.

You’ll want to skip 18 seconds in

Nor-Am Super-G, Copper 2012 from Tucker Marshall on Vimeo.

Other than that things have been great. I had some more GS training with Jon and Warner which is always a show. Warner was a bit hurt with the words said in my last update so he decided to ramp it up a bit. Fully stripped first run, Jon and I came down exactly tied with a 32.32. Warner comes down after us and has a blazing fast time of 32.31. We had a good laugh about that.

That last day of GS was also my best because something finally clicked. I came down one run and was fully on it, fully in control of my skis, and fully crushing. I can honestly say I have never made that many great, linked tuns in my life and if felt pretty amazing so I was completely stoked on that. My next two runs were not nearly as awesome but as AJ, one of the Denver University coaches said, “It looked like you were generating 10 times more speed that run. Super, wicked sick!” I always suspected that speed was in me, but now I know! Aaannd I just have to find it again. Should be simple enough.

Anyway, I am off to bed! Long day of slipping out some powder, and rolling b-netting in sub zero temps. Oh the joys of ski racing.


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  1. seriuosly, never looked at your splits. you could have come in top 10 without the one split. awesome job tucker. i knew you had it in you. good luck today. love youmom

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