On the Road Again!

Checking in from Calgary airport. About that last Super-G… we don’t really need to talk about that last Super-G. To be fair I believe I only moved back 11 places this time, which unfortunately means I am still working with 0 SG Nor-Am points. But, moving on!

Well this is my first time using air travel this season. I was avoiding it as much as possible but alas, I have only two days to get back to Steamboat Colorado for three slalom races and my time, and quite frankly, options were running short. So I bit the bullet, bought a plane ticket a few days ago and hitched a ride to Calgary last night.

My flight departs at 6:30 this morning and the hotel I was staying at only had shuttles every hour. Brilliant! I told the lady at the front desk 1 hour would certainly be fine for me to check into my flight but she insisted I leave at 3:45AM, all worried about me missing it. If its not Chelsea worrying about me, it is always someone. Don’t they understand, things usually work out for me? Although that very well may be because someone worries over me.

First of all, I love flying in Canada. They do have scales to weigh your bags but I am not exactly sure they are aware of this or they just plainly do not care. The over-encumbered alpine ski racer who has no money usually is a prime target in the States for heaps and heaps of overweight and excess baggage charges. So you end up having to fork over money that you don’t really have and it makes for a rather surly travel day. In Canada however, they take pity and for that I am extremely grateful.

What they don’t take pity on is security. Going through customs is a blast in itself but after getting through it all and making your final b-line for the gate turns out to be an obstacle. After waiting in line for 20 minutes, and doing the strip tease for the security agents, I made it through only to have all my stuff double checked. What they found was perhaps two, to three, tablespoons of water left over in my water bottle. “Can I drink it here?” I ask? “No sir, you have to either leave it here with us or leave security, go outside, drink it or dump it out, and check back in.” “Those are two reeeaalllly great options. Thank you for making me morning that much more entertaining.”photo

I get into Denver today at around 3ish and from there I am getting a ride with Mark up to Silverthorne where my car is parked outside our place. I am really glad Mark is on my flight today because before yesterday I really had no idea how I was getting from place to place. Thanks buddy!

Anyway, we are boarding! I think I’ll try to make this one. Cheers,



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