Steamboat Classics

Sorry for the lack of updates everyone! Well, I made it back to Colorado alright and even got to Steamboat the following day after an exciting drive with Mark in the ice and snow. The drive itself was beautiful and I wish I had some pictures to share with you guys but I was a little preoccupied with keeping my Subi on the road.

Here at the Steamboat Classics there are 3 slalom races. One of those is a night race which we ran tonight. Yesterdays race was on a different hill and it made me truly miss the east. I drew bib 15 and there was a legitimate rut already developed which made me crave my east coast ice. I heard it was kind of soft at the hill we were racing on tonight so I tuned my skis accordingly. Unfortunately that information was WAY off. First run I couldn’t buy a slalom turn. It was brutal!

photo 2

For second run I polished up my edges but I think I may have put a little too much of a hum on them. I was a little too psyched on arcing again that I think I did a bit too much of it and did not let my skis run in the fall line as much as they should have. In simple terms, I was slooooowww. Picture this. Huge crowd at the finish, all cheering as you approach the finish line. You cross that line and everyone just goes dead silent. The announcer over the loud speaker saying, “Ohhh, not enough for the lead I am afraid!” He could have added “not even close” but was nice enough to left it unsaid.

I’m not worried though. I keep on saying that my day will come and I am not sure if everyone believes that. But I do, and that is pretty much all that matters. I am like the silent ninja in the night who you never see coming. One of these days I am going to win some race and score something crazy and everyone will be like, who the hell is that?? For those of you who don’t raise your eyebrows when that day comes, well thank you for believing in me all the way.

I’ll leave you guys with some photos. First, Steamboat has some really super awesome all natural hot spring pools in the middle of the woods about a 20 minute drive from town. HotSprings-KenWright

I went last night with a few friends and it turns out things slick over when its minus degree weather outside. I ended up tripping and nailing my face into a stone step. I am just thankful it wasn’t worse!

photo 1

And here are a couple pics Willis found of me from Pano. I feel my facial expressions describe my skiing perfectly. First we have GS. Cool, confident, and sure.


And then there is SL… Less sure and more like “Oh my god, this is rough. Get me down. Now.” _2012-12-16_243_Pano Noram M SC

Thats about all I’ve got for now! One more race tomorrow, and the day after that I start my long trek back to Vermont!!! It’s been a while and I can’t wait to see my family and friends. Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Wishing you all the best,

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